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 Land Rover Defender & Jeep
Cummin's Conversions

Jeep Cummins Swaps | Belgrade, MT
Cummins Landrover Defender - DP Conversons - Montana

Cummins Defender

Iconic by reputation and capable by design.  The Defender platforms have a long history and a following only rivaled by the Jeep heritage.  
For all of the vehicle's capabilities, engine power has ALWAYS been less than acceptable.  They deserve a diesel engine, but the factory mills just chronically under perform.  With very little to be gained by sticking with a Rover-Spec TDI swap, the Cummins R2.8 inline 4 cylinder turbo diesel is a sure bet to impress.  Though these swaps can be costly, we have found them to be the most viable option for those owners looking for a turn key option that impresses.  With tuning, these little engines can make close to 400 lb/ft of torque which rivals or handily beats most V8 gas swaps.  We won't even mention MPG and gas swaps in the same sentence; especially when comparing them to the efficiency of the R2.8. 
CALL or EMAIL us with any questions on the swaps.

Cummins Jeep

Only recently has the Jeep name offered a diesel engine as an option.  The efficiency of the engines, and outrageous torque they build early in their RPM range make them extremely viable options in off road vehicles.  Alternatively, only recently has there been a viable engine option available for folks like us to swap into the Jeep platform.  Older mechanical engines were heavy, and lacked the amenities that modern technology has afforded the newer diesel platforms; like the Cummins R2.8 inline 4 cylinder turbo-diesel.
This engine weighs in similarly to the gas counterparts we remove, but nearly DOUBLES the torque and in some cases DOUBLES the MPG.  These are a serious contender for your Jeep project; especially the CJ through TJ/LJ platforms.  Treat yourself to torque on demand with a Cummins R2.8 in your project!    EMAIL or CALL us with any Questions.

Cummins 2.8R Jeep Engine Swap - Montana
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