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HEMI Conversion Specialists for Jeep Gladiator & Wrangler
Hellcat Hemi®
SRT8 392
Demon Hemi® 
426 Hemi® Hellphant

As Montana's only authorized dealer and installer for America's Most Wanted 4x4 Hemi packages, DP Conversions, is proud to offer top-of-the-line Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler engine swap kits. Our exclusive range includes the renowned 392 Hemi, Hellcat, Demon, and Hellephant 426 HEMI options. This partnership unites the exceptional MOPAR performance parts with AMW 4x4's cutting-edge custom designs, guaranteeing that our Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler HEMI conversion kits deliver an unparalleled factory fit and finish, setting a new standard in the market. Our dedication and passion for Jeep modifications are evident in every project, and we are fully committed to exceeding your expectations, ensuring your dream Jeep Gladiator or Wrangler becomes a reality.

Blue JL

400-1000 HORSEPOWER 
options for your
Jeep Gladiator or Wrangler

Jeep Gladiator 392 - DP Conversions

Hemi JT Gladiator

So you bought the most capable midsize truck on the market..... Congrats!  Now it's time to make it YOURS.  The Gladiators are decent off roaders off of the showroom floor, but to make them work in the way YOU want them too it takes aftermarket help.  We sell and install all of the big name accessories you want.  Whether it be overlanding or rock crawling let us use our experience in off road products to take your Gladiator to the next level. Looking for a 6.4, Hellcat, or Demon-Powered Gladiator?  Talk to us.  Prices?  That's the easy part!  We'll meet or beat any competitor's pricing where applicable.

Jeep Wrangler 392 Hemi Swap - DP Conversions

Hemi JL Wrangler

The JL Wrangler is fast-becoming the best and most capable Jeep ever built.  They LOVE modifications and are quite simply amazing at A LOT.  We love the 392 and Hellcat HEMI in these Jeeps because they handle those engines so well.  Modern communication interfaces make the installation seemingly factory-finish and just work unbelievably well!  Just a RIOT to drive making for a million smiles behind the wheel.

Jeep JK Hemi Swap - DP Conversions

Hemi JK Wrangler

The JK Wrangler CHANGED THE GAME with the 4 door variants and the JK became the most successful model of Wrangler ever produced.  Awesome wheelbase, and more modern amenities make them both capable AND enjoyable to spend all your time off road.  They lacked in the power train arena, but not to fear - We have a 505 hp option that just flat out WORKS. Let's take that JK of yours to the next level of driving experience!

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